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In Windows 2000, physical disk resource is the cluster-capable disk that is managed by physical disk resource type (the shared disk connected to one or more nodes in a cluster) as a cluster resource. These physical disk resources cannot be created for logical drives or partitions but instead as entire physical drives. But at times, you run into an issue while attempting to bring a physical disk resource to an online state. It is possible that your hard disk file system is corrupt and you need to reformat the hard drive. In such situations, you need to use a recent and valid data backup to restore the lost information. But if data backup is invalid, insufficient or non-existent, data recovery applications should be used to extract the lost data.

Consider an instance, you attempt to bring physical disk resource to online state and observe one of these issues:

You receive an Event ID 1066 in the System Log of Event Viewer with the following description:

"Cluster resource Disk Y: is corrupt. Run chkdsk /f to repair problems."

Resource fails to come to online state and takes longer time than expected
Chkdsk/f runs on shared hard disk

These issues are specific to Windows 2000 Advanced Server and Datacenter Server editions.


Possible causes of above issues are:

File system corruption
Permission issues

Windows cluster service performs a series of steps to determine the possible corruption in disk resource and if this operation fails, it runs Chkdsk/f to repair the possible file system issues.


To correct this problem, you need to carry out these methods:

You should run ChkNTFS to determine the state of dirty bit.
If the bit is not reported as dirty, you need to troubleshoot permission issues.
If the bit is reported as dirty, you need to run Chkdsk/f command on shared cluster disk. However, if Chkdsk fails to correct disk corruption, you should reformat the hard drive and restore lost data from backup. But if the data backup is not up-to-date or in an invalid state, Recovery Software tools can serve the purpose of salvaging lost data. These are advanced Recovery applications that use powerful scanning algorithms to extract lost data.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is the finest recovery software. The software is equipped with advanced features like RAW file recovery, Drive imaging, Disk cloning, Drive status, E-Mail recovery and more. It supports FAT16, FAT32, VFAT, NTFS and NTFS5 file systems. The software is compatible with Windows 7(Currently in RC1), Vista, XP, 2003 and 2000.

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Troubleshooting Registry Errors

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One minute you're browsing the internet, or typing emails, and then your computer crashes. Why does this happen? Is there a way to repair registry errors and keep them away for good? I will answer those questions within this article.

These problems are caused when something has gone haywire in the Windows registry of your computer. You may see some errors such as:

  • .dll Errors
  • Computer will crash unexpectedly
  • Windows will not start up

The worst part is that most people aren't PC wizards, so fixing the problems can be a daunting task.

How Can Registry Errors Be Fixed?

Although they are very tough to deal with, the good news is that they can be fixed. Below I have 3 possible solutions for you to follow. One solution may work better than the others depending on how you wish to solve your problems.

  • Fix it Yourself - If you are very knowledgeable with computers and the operating system of Windows you can choose to fix the problem yourself. If you are not very handy with a computer I would suggest not to tamper around with settings as this could damage your PC beyond repair.
  • Hire a Professional - Any PC repair man can fix most problems associated with your computer. However, in order to have them fix the errors it could cost hundreds of dollars.
  • Buy a Registry Cleaner - Registry Cleaners are a great tool in diagnosing and fixing errors within your PC. With just a few clicks, the cleaner will find errors and fix them for you. Professionals often use registry cleaners when troubleshooting customer's computers. The software costs anywhere from $20-$50, but some offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

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When your computer suffers a crash, your first reaction is likely panic. It is not necessary to worry to much as there is a solution. Hard drive data recovery will allow you to recover most, if not all of your missing data. Crashes are typically caused by either physical damage to the system or a malfunction of the software. Both of these problems will make it impossible to access your data. The data itself is still there, you just have to figure out how to access it.

If you problem is caused by a physical problem, you will need to determine what is wrong and have it repaired. Most physical problems that compromise your computer and its ability to access data cannot be repaired by users; qualified technicians must repair the problem for you. In fact, it is very likely you will cause more damage if you attempt to repair the problem yourself causing even more reason to panic. One way this happens is by allowing dust and other particulates to settle on the internal elements of the system. Examples of physical damage that may cause a crash are head crashes and failed motors. Hard drive data recovery firms specialize in making these types of repairs. They will not only fix the problem, they will clean the inside the system. They have specialized equipment and clean rooms they employ to perform these procedures.

If the problem that has led to your data loss is not physical and you do not want to send the computer out for repair, there are several different software options you may purchase to help you repair the damage. These pieces of software will allow you to recover lost folders, files and other data pieces if your system has suffered from an accidental format, file deletion, software malfunction, and partition loss or virus crash. Whether the data loss was caused by accident or by a virus, this software can often help you to recover your data.

It is easy to panic the first time you realize that you have lost access to the information stored on your computer. Hire a qualified hard drive data recovery firm to repair any physical damage or consider purchasing specialized software to help you recover the data your self.

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Guide to Fixing Registry Errors

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If you own a computer, which most of us do, you probably have encountered some sort of problem at one time or another. Some of these problems are registry errors. Within this article I will discuss how you can fix these problems, and how you can keep them from coming back.

What are Registry Errors?

These are problems that can occur on any computer that has Windows installed on it. These problems will hinder your PC's performance and can cause unexpected crashes or could even keep you from logging into Windows.

How Can We Fix Them?

There are a couple of different ways that you can go about cleaning your computer's registry. I have 3 solutions listed below.

  • Fix Them Yourself - If you know a lot about computer's and how they work, you could probably pinpoint the problems and fix them yourself. If you are a PC novice do not try to fix them manually or you could damage your computer beyond repair.
  • Pay a Professional to Fix Them - Computer repairmen can make very good money just by fixing minor problems within your computer. They will fix your problem, but you may have to shell out hundreds of dollars for them to do so.
  • Buy a Registry Cleaner - Luckily for us, there is software that can fix these problems with a simple click of the mouse. There are a lot of them out there, but most of them will fix your computer's problems. The best part about them is that they only cost around $20-$50.

Learn More About Registry Cleaners by Clicking the Link Below


Most of us store a great deal of information on both our work and home computers. Losing that data can be very stressful and frustrating. To help you get back as much information as possible in the shortest amount of time consider using free data recovery tools. This is much more affordable than having a professional take care of it for you. In most instances you will get your information faster because you can start the process immediately instead of waiting for a free slot in their schedule.

You may be skeptical about using data recovery programs but be assured they are very good products. Most of them are offered by the same companies that produce popular software programs. They want to offer this software free of charge as a way to encourage more people to purchase their other software. After all if the free versions of these data recovery programs are that great imagine what their software you have to pay for can offer you!

While most data recovery systems work just as well as those you would pay for one disadvantage is that they aren't always user friendly. Yet you should be able to figure out how they work if you have some basic computer skills. This problem still beats having to pay a fortune for other types of data recovery tools.

Apple is currently working on a new program known as Leopard. This is going to include Time Machine which is going to be the most advanced of the free recovery tools available. These software suites will be built into the operating system so that you can always get your information back quickly and with very little effort. This won't take care of any files you have lost due to your hard drive being damaged though. You will still need to access other data recovery programs for this.

There are plenty of other types of free recovery software to be found online as well. There are some programs that do the same functions as Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Word. This is a great way to be able to produce the information you need from your computer without the added expense.

With the use of the right data recovery tools a computer crash doesn't have to be the end of the world. We have all accidentally deleted files and then wish we had them back. Now you can easily get them with the use of free software programs without too much time being lost. It is a good idea to have such a program ready that you can easily navigate for if and when you do need it. Knowing you are prepared with the appropriate recovery tools can make you breath easier and not stress about the data on your computer.

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Why You Need Registry Fix Key Software

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What is the Windows XP Registry?

The Windows XP Registry is a central hierarchical database which holds most of the information that is necessary to run your system for one or more users, applications and hardware devices. This registry contains data that the system continually refers to, such as profiles for each user, information about each and every application installed on the computer and also the types of files that each can create, property settings for folders and for application icons, the hardware that exists within the computer, and which ports are being used.

The Windows XP Registry replaces most of the text-based data that was used in previous versions of Windows and MS-Dos.

Registry fix key: why you need to do it.

As all the settings and configurations for the windows operating system are stored in the XP Registry, then each and every time a change is made in these settings a change is made to the registry: something is added to a registry key or something is changed. The more active the user, the more such entries get added or changed over time: the registry gets cluttered.

This can lead to errors and may cause the system to freeze up: that is, all you will see is the infamous "Blue Screen of Death".

When new entries are being added, the old entries are not deleted and so , obviously, the size of the registry keeps growing. The registry will eventually contain a lot of obsolete information which is no longer needed but which contributes to its size and because of this the system will tend to become increasingly slow and unresponsive.

In order to keep your computer healthy and responsive, you are, from time to time, going to have to scan and fix your Windows XP Registry keys. To fix a registry key is not a simple process, and to attempt to do this manually is strictly for experts. What you need is some "Fix Registry Key" software.

What do you need from a Registry Fix Key Program?

The 3 main things that you must have from registry fix key program are:


What do you need to keep you computer safe?

It is practically impossible to identify and remove unwanted registry entries manually. It is extremely difficult to determine which entry corresponds to which application and there is a strong possibility that a valid entry may get deleted accidentally: this will cause major problems and may cause the operating system itself to fail.

Expert registry cleaner software is available. This can be used to achieve the desired result.

Fundamentally, you are not really interested in a registry repair.

  • What you really want is a faster computer
  • What you really want is a more responsive computer
  • What you really want is no more disastrous errors

The best way to achieve this is too get your Windows XP Registry scanned for errors and, if necessary, use a registry fix key program to do the repairs.

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